Incite Foodtech Expands Into India’s F&B Scene

Joining forces with Village Groupe, one of India’s most prominent retail & real estate conglomerates

Posted March 17, 2022

Kuala Lumpur, 17 March 2022 – Today, Incite Foodtech Sdn Bhd, a Malaysia-based food-tech venture, announced the signing of a master licencing deal with Village Food Courts Pvt Ltd of India, a Village Groupe venture, marking the company's first foray into the large Asian market.

Incite Foodtech creates and acquires QSF (quick-serving-food) brands that satisfy customer needs and palettes by leveraging on big data. Union Artisan Coffee, one of the fastest-growing coffee chains in Malaysia, is one of Incite Foodtech's top QSF brands. Other brands in the venture's QSF portfolio include Wondermama, Hope Coffee, Le Claire Patisserie, Eggdicted, Halley, Goodbooch and Lada Merah.

Under the signed agreement, Village Food Courts will be responsible for launching and expanding Incite Foodtech’s QSF brands in India. Village Groupe, a world class Retail & Real Estate conglomerate, is building India's first “Hybrid Food Court & Delivery Kitchen” platform via Village Food Courts. The New Delhi-based venture acquired the rights to a number of well-known Indian and worldwide food brands to launch them across its upcoming sites all over India. Village Food Courts already has a sizable foothold across all major cities, with over 50 sites in the queue for opening over the next 12 months.

In Malaysia, Incite Foodtech supercharges their QSF brands' expansion through numerous formats, such as physical outlets, shared space, kiosks, and cloud kitchens, with its unique "plug-in & scale" business model.

Tham Lih Chung, Founder and Director of Incite Foodtech, said, "I always believe our business model is sustainable and scalable, regardless of the market size. We offer our brands to F & B establishments to be part of their offerings in multiple formats and also via licencing opportunities, thereby driving better revenues.

“It was always a goal of our partner Village Groupe to provide a broad selection of comfort foods available all over India. It couldn't have arrived at a better moment for us to join forces. We're excited to bring Malaysian brands to a global audience as a result of our successful partnership.”

"I'm a lover of Malaysian cuisine," stated Suraj Arora, Managing Partner at Village Groupe.

"I feel both countries offer an endless variety of F & B spreads. We're pleased to have been given such an incredible opportunity. We're fast becoming India's FIRST co-fooding platform, and with QSF brands from Incite Foodtech, we will be able to accelerate the process."

Suraj further said that they want to place Incite Foodtech's brands across the region, with 4 locations in Year 1, 6 locations in Year 2, and 10 locations by the 3rd year.

Incite Foodtech was formed in 2020 by a group of industry experts in F & B, technology, hospitality, banking and finance, logistics, marketing, and creative arts. Despite the pandemic, Incite Foodtech is thriving. To date, it has 20 locations throughout Klang Valley and has sold over 1.5 million cups of coffee. Incite Foodtech plans to expand in 2022 by launching two new brands, bringing the total number of QSF brands to ten and expanding its footprint to 50 locations.

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