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Incite Foodtech is a splendid blend of comfort food and technology

Posted March 15, 2022

We're a food-tech venture, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Formed by a group of leaders from several industries, such as F&B, technology, hospitality, financial & banking, logistics, marketing, creative arts, and many more, offering their expertise and excellence.

What is our mission.

#1 Revolutionize the future of F&B with the power of data
#2 Supercharge QSF brands' growth in a sustainable and scalable manner
#3 Empower F&B creators to make a mark
#4 Create access to a wide variety of comfort foods

What is our vision.

We strive to be recognized as one of the top ten food technology companies in the world.

What exactly do we do.

We create and acquire QSF (quick-serving-food) brands that satisfy customer needs and sentiment by leveraging on big data.

We supercharge our QSF brands' expansion through numerous formats, such as physical outlets, shared space, kiosks, and cloud kitchens through our unique "plug-in & scale" business model.

How do we revolutionize the future of F&B.

We strive to collaborate with existing F&B establishments by offering them the opportunity to work with the finest QSF brands via licensing opportunities. We further help them gain access to our innovative hub consisting of exceptional culinary talent, an academy, a brand accelerator, and co-creations to find fresh and contemporary approaches towards their growth and success.

We aim to pursue the complete eradication of challenges faced by the F&B industry, such as menu customization, wastage control, high manpower and rental costs, lack of automation, ineffective branding and marketing approach, licensing myths, and many more.

What are the brands under the QSF portfolio.

As of Q1 2022, we operate in 20 locations with eight brands under our QSF brands portfolio Union Artisan Coffee, Hope Coffee, Le Claire Patisserie, Eggdicted, Lada Merah, Wondermama, Halley and Goodbooch.

What's for 2022.

We plan to add two new brands, bringing the total number of QSF brands to ten and increasing our footprint to 50 locations.

We will be launching an engagement app. The IF App offers everyone, including customers new to our brands, a more rewarding F&B experience, from ordering online for takeaway to checking their loyalty account and keeping updated with our latest happenings.

And... We're expanding to India too!

Discover more at www.incitefood.com

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